Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A New Kind of Redo

A couple of months ago I woke up on a sunny (aka freezing) Sunday morning to take pictures of my friend's family.   We had fun but the pics didn't turn out so great. Her son had a cold so he couldn't smile and breathe through his nose, we were all a little cold, and well, sorry Becca, but her husband was done with the whole thing 15 minutes after we started.  And probably more than anything it was because I am new to this family photo taking thing. However, we had a great time shopping for the outfits and we're both itchin' to get back out there and try again. But you can't go out and just take photos, right? You gotta have the right look.  I've been pinning some of those "what to wear" pics on Pinterest but I decided I could make some of my own. So Becca-here you go! Tell me what you like (if any)! The clothes are all from Old Navy, Target, Carters, etc.  I'll ready to shop! (And shoot!) Love you guys!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Linen Closet #1 Makeover

I am one lucky homeowner.  I have two linen closets.  Of course 90% of these two closets have been stuffed choc full with stuff.  Tools, toilet paper, candles, summer clothes, oh and a few towels. It's been handy to have the tools nearby and I don't really have a place to house my summer clothes but enough was enough.  I couldn't take a before picture because I was too embarrassed busy. Basically, they are two identical towers of shelves.  They aren't terribly deep and they are wide enough but without some sort of plan for storage things would just pile up.  Oh and they were ugly.  Plainish cream with more of the dreaded varnished wood.  So I decided to pretty it up. 
Here it is after I removed the shelves and cleaned everything out.  I knew it needed some storage containers because, well, I love containers.  But in case you needed reminding, I have two linen closets. That's a lotta storage containers to buy. I've looked everywhere and I'm cheap thrifty. It wasn't that I just didn't want to spend a ton of money on boxes that will live inside of a closet, I wanted them to be pretty.  I wanted them to match.  I was beginning to get a little desperate.  I'd painted the shelves a nice crisp white, and painted the walls the same steely blue as the accent wall in the entry.  Then I had to put everything back in the way it was in there before because I still hadn't solved the break the bank container problem.  I was sad.  But then, the next evening I went to Becca's house and we looked at her glorious pantry makeover.  You see, she's thrify too so I knew she would understand.  She always understands. I was telling her my tale of woe and how I wanted to make boxes like these: 

But if you read all the way to the end of the post, you'll see you have sew. GASP!  I don't know how to do that and it stressed me out.  But Becca understood. She always understands.  She said-"No you don't have to sew." I said "yes, you do." She said, "no, look!" and whipped out her favorite blog and idol, the girl from here: http://iheartorganizing.blogspot.com/  and showed me these:

So of course the next day I went to the fabric store and got started!  I stole a few boxes from my mom and made some of my own.  They were super fun!  I wanted to make more and more.  Don't be surprised if one day, my entire house will be covered in fabric covered boxes. 

 There is closet number one in all her glory.  I cleaned out so well that I don't even have enough stuff to fill my pretty boxes.Oh but don't worry, ladies and gentlemen.  Give me a week or too, things will start piling up again. They always do.  But at least now I have some place to put everything!